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Setting Your Own Challenges and Adventures

All other sites dedicated to long distance riding  seem to have the same format - they prescribe a set of limited distance/time requirements based on outdated and easily circumvented evidence which you either pass or fail. Options are generally limited to doing more of the same in less time, and paying a premium for a certificate to recognise the fact.


We aim to do things differently; to be  far more inclusive in how we do things and far more wide ranging in the types of motorcycle rides we recognise.


We work on the basis of recognising challenges you have set for yourself. You decide on the parameters for these rides, examples might include:


 - riding the North Coast 500;

 - riding from Dover to Durness within 24 hours;

 - completing a county challenge ride;

 - visiting 50 castles in a year;

 - visiting every motorcycle racing circuit with a group of mates;

 - riding a moped from one side of the country to the other;

 - completing a particular rally/ challenge which does not issue a certificate;

 - visiting as many branches of Tescos as you can in 12 hours (the 'UKgser' option' :))


We will ask for evidence of your ride - this may be through online recording, photographs, GPS tracks and/or receipts.


How does it work?


You decide on a challenge to suit you and your bike.

Contact us with preliminary details via email .

We discuss how we are going to certify the ride i.e. what evidence you will need to collect.

You complete your ride.

Send in the evidence via email.

A certificate will be posted back to you and a record kept on this website.

If you want to write up the story of your ride for others to read it can be posted on here or a link added to your blog/ website etc.


Oh, and cost - we shall ask for £3 preferably via PayPal to cover the cost of printing and postage although you are always welcome to make a donation to your local air ambulance in addition.


Any further questions? Just ask via the Contacts page.


We help you recognise and record your motorcycle rides. You decide the challenge - we can provide you with a certificate to celebrate your achievement and a place on the web to share your success story with others.

What We Do

Here is an example of one of our certifiicates; printed on proper certificate paper.

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