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Ride Ideas

Anything you can think of which offers a challenge to you and your bike. What constitutes a challenge may be very different to different riders but we are here to recognise and celebrate achievement, not compare or make comment on individual's choices.


If you are thinking of a ride and want advice just email us via the Contact page.


Scotland's Route 66,

the North Coast500

RIDE Magazine has published a number of routes - can recommend the Maxxis Diamond Challenge.

Some of our ideas....

National County Rides

First set up by Grim Riders there are three rides; one for England, Scotland and Wales. Each ride involves visiting and photographing a speciifc location in each of the county towns of that country. A ride may be completed over any length of time and involve as many journeys as you wish to complete it. Both the England and Wales rides have been completed once, in both times by riders vsiting all the county towns in one journey.

There is a roadbook for each ride detailing the locations which nee do be visited in each county town.





English Counties Ride Welsh Counties Ride Scottish Counties Ride

County Rides


We are gradually setting up rides within each of the English counties - there are twelve to date.

Each ride involves visiting 25 landmarks within each county.

Further details can be found on the County Rides page.

Single Carriageway Rides


Following an article in Ride magazine when Simon Weir and Clint Smith tried to ride between the Three Peaks of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon without using any dual carriageways and between the hours of daylight, we have started to devise some rides with similar conditions. The first of these was the Sunrise-Sunset Ride, riding from the most eastern point of Britain (Ness Point near Lowestoft) to the most western point (Ardnamurchan Lighthouse) in the hours of daylight.

Further details can be found on the Single Carriageway Rides page.

Grim Riders Rides


For a number of years Grim Riders MCC ran an annual compettion to collect up to fifteen locations for a specific ride theme. These and a number of other rides have been collected together here - please use for reference or to complete - you may still claim a ride certificate from BLDR for evidencing a completed ride (just take a photograph of your bike at each location).

Grim Riders Rides County Challenge Rides Single Carriageway Challenge Rides