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Grim Riders Rides


These rides came out of an idea I first had while laid up in hospital with a broken femur, following a motorcycle accident in November 2008. I wanted to raise some money to support the air ambulance, who had picked me off the road and saved my leg. I put together a ride to visit all fifteen national parks, and photograph a specific place in each. Over the next five years I organised a ride on a different theme. Many thanks to all the riders who supported these and helped to raise over £7500 for the air ambulance.

These rides, and a few others, are collected together below - if you want to use them to practice rallying, or they just inspire you to visit differrent places that is great. If you want to try one and visit all the locations in a ride, you can still have that recognised with a certificate from BLDR - just photograph your bike at each location and send the photos to me. Just one warning - it is a few years since I put them together so I cannot guarantee 1. all the landmarks are still there, or 2. the co-ordinates are all as accurate as they could be - I suggest you do check before visiting. Happy riding!

British National Parks Ride Castles Ride Motorcycle Circuits Ride Giants Ride Letter Boxes Ride Lifeboats Ride Millennium Ride Motorcycle Legends Ride Motorcycle Museums Ride Mountain Passes Ride Olympic Ride Pub Crawl Ride Sculpture Trail Ride Standing Stones Ride Windmills Ride